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Do you know about Levo League? If not, join their online community, stat!

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Levo League aims to connect professional women to enable them to help one another in their careers. It’s an online careers mag, community of mentors and employment marketplace all rolled into one. It’s my go-to resource for career advice and even life advice more generally. It is particularly created for young women in the early stages of their careers who might need a nudge to be bold and take the next step, or aren’t quite sure where to go next or indeed how to get there.

Levo League is staffed by a team of mostly Gen Y women, but has an incredible array of mentors available online for members to access. Mentors are mostly women, with the odd hugely successful man thrown in the mix – Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of ‘Lean In’, Warren Buffett (no introduction needed), Ann Shoket, Editor in Chief of Seventeen, Kate White, former Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan USA, and Ido Leffler, Co-Founder of Yes To Carrots are but a few of the mentors that Levo members have access to, through online seminars (‘Office Hours’) and a question/comment function on the Levo website.

Personally, the most useful part of Levo is the articles section of their website. Pieces range from interviews with highly successful women, many of whom are entrepreneurs, to articles exploring that elusive thing called ‘work/life balance’ and straight up, tell it like it is advice columns. I regularly read the articles on Levo, usually on a Saturday afternoon as a study break and I always find a little nugget hidden away somewhere, if not screamingly obvious. Levo certainly makes me think about how I carry myself professionally and how I can improve myself in not only my career, but also in life generally – in relationships, budgeting, fitness and health, networking and dealing with stress.

Levo is taking off across the USA, with Local Levo branches established in many major cities of the US. Hopefully it reaches Australia sometime soon. I’ve met so many women in my industry who are supportive of other women. Levo would be so beneficial for Australian women, especially given recent debate over mandatory female executive quotas and the severe deficit of women in Parliament at the moment. We need to support each other from the earliest stages of our careers, and at a grass roots level. Levo, if you’re listening – come to down under, y’all!

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