to build a haven

So I promised more the bedroom front (no, not like that. Mind out of the gutter!) in terms of how I’ll be kitting out my new room in Canberra next year. Now, I haven’t actually seen the room yet but I’m gathering inspiration. Head over to my Pinterest to check out the beautiful rooms that are inspiring me at the moment. There are SO many beautifully decorated bedrooms out there, but considering I need a spot that caters for both study and downtime, I’ve also been looking to home offices for inspo. Check out my favourites here…

Such a cute way to work a desk into a tight space.
Such a cute way to work a desk into a tight space.
home office 3
I can only hope for this much room!
home office 2
Oh if only I could get a chair like this one.
home office 1
The fur is a cozy addition to a study nook.

How do you think I should approach decorating a bedroom to double as a study space?

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