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Let me preface this post by expressing my undying love for Country Road. The Australian high street retailer usually gets it right, and even if I’m not in love with the whole collection for a particular season, I can usually find something I like. And their basics are great – high quality, flattering cuts and rather reasonably priced methinks. They also do equally great home wares – a bit Scandinavian in their aesthetic lately, but very versatile and the whole gamut from bed linen and photo frames to crockery (I love their mugs and won’t use any others when at home!) and homely odds and ends.

Can I also say that I adore The Design Files. The blog showcases the best in Australian interior design and delves into all aspects, from the production of home wares to finished interiors, profiling homes, products and designers and artisans behind them.

Imagine my delight then, when I heard that Country Road and TDF were collaborating to decorate homes in Melbourne and Sydney, and OPEN THEM TO THE PUBLIC?! So much excitement. So many teasing glimpses of the Sydney house WIP (work in progress) on Instagram and Pinterest. Sadly, I won’t get to the Melbourne house. But oh boy do I plan to spend some time in the Sydney one. It’s located in Sydney’s hipster/too cool for school district, Surry Hills. Just a hop, skip and a jump from me.

If you’d also like to visit, find the details here! The best bit – everything on display is for sale! Cue dwindling bank balance and much home envy…

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