Festive Summer Stylin’

Truthfully, an Australian Christmas can be hard to dress for. My hometown frequently reaches temperatures of over 40 degrees (celsius!) in summer, and most of the time it’s easier to live in your bikini rather than worry about actual clothes. Small country towns are generally very casual – denim cut offs and a white tee is my go to outfit while I’m home. Christmas day though, is different. My parents have a pool, which means that my bikini is an inevitable part of Christmas day if we’re at home. We usually have family over for lunch, or we’ll go to lunch at a relative’s house.

For Christmas Eve, we always have a big barbecue with the Grant side of the family, either at my grandparent’s house or an auntie or uncle’s place, then all the over 18’s head to the local pub to catch up with old friends for a couple of hours. I’m so excited for it this year and I haven’t gotten home as much as I’d like. Naturally, since finishing work on Friday, I’ve been thinking about my Christmas outfits! It’s a chance to dress up a little more and share some holiday flair.

Here’s some of the looks inspiring me these holidays – what will you be wearing this Christmas?

Summer Christmas Inspo

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