Oh my god. Scandal is my favourite TV show right now, and it just keeps getting better. Seriously though, what’s going to happen? What did Olivia’s mother do? What’s going to happen with Huck and Quinn? I just can’t take it the suspense.

For those of you who haven’t yet tuned in, Scandal follows the rather traumatic life of Washington DC lawyer turned political advisor turned crisis manager Olivia Pope, played by the inimitable Kerry Washington. Together with her rag tag team of DC gladiators (mostly former lawyers and people Liv has ‘handled’, but there is also a murderous, torture loving Liv loyalist in the mix), she handles scandals (surprise!) in DC’s political arena. Olivia is like the world’s scariest PR consultant, with a legal background and no limits approach to solving the problems of the wealthy elite of America’s political scene. She has a turbulent love life which may or may not involve a long-running, tumultuous affair with the President of the United States. Created by Shonda Rhimes, of Grey’s Anatomy fame, Scandal taps into a zeitgeist of politics, fabulously good looking and well dressed people, and the current obsession with spy, crime and political dramas (see: the rising popularity of Homeland, the success of The Newsroom and any and every program about PR).

Kerry Washington is incredible as Olivia, while Tony Goldwyn is a superb POTUS (whose name, incidentally, is President Grant). The fast pace of Scandal is quickly building towards a climactic mid-season finale before Christmas. Nothing is off limits – election fixing, murderous politicians, adulterous world leaders, a top secret spy organisation, homosexuality, illicit affairs, torture, terrorism – Scandal serves it all right up. And boy, is it delicious.

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