Chang It Up

Change is as good as a holiday

Y’all might have noticed some changes around here recently. Nothing major, just tweaking things here and there – some navy accents have crept in but I’m still thinking about where else to put them, if anywhere!

I’ve also changed out my header image, and I LOVE the new one. I’m making a commitment to swapping these out every month. Some images might crop up again every once in a while, but I do want to keep it fresh and current. I’ve pulled all the images from Pinterest and I’ll keep doing that. It’s a nice little summary of my current aesthetic and the things, looks and places that I’m keeping about the place for inspiration.

Although I’m making changes as I see fit, I’d love if you guys could make some suggestions! There have been some things I really want to do (ie, move my widgets to a sidebar!) but can’t because of template limitations/insufficient coding knowledge, but I want your feedback! Shout out if there’s anything you can think of that might help me out here.

While I’m making these changes, I’d also love it if you guys could link me to your Pinterest boards! I’m always looking for new people with amazing taste to follow. You might see your pins in the header eventually!

On that note – thoughts about the new header? x

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    Love the header photo 🙂 Maybe have a quote of the month on it as well?