New York Minute

New York rooftop
via Pinterest
New York minute morning
via Pinterest

As the semester ramps up and assignments creep into my consciousness all too quickly, I find myself wanting to take a ride on a big jet plane and get away for a few weeks. True, we’re only a few short weeks into semester but it feels like we’ve come so far already. Surely that warrants indulging in my wanderlust?

New York is top of my list when it comes to dream destinations. I’m not so secretly obsessed with the city, the people, the lights, the glamour. And the grit – the grit and difficulty of New York get lost amongst the Barney’s, Bendel’s and Bergdorfs of the city. Uptown, downtown, midtown – I’ll take any NYC town. I have a Pinterest board dedicated solely to the concrete jungle, and I’m slowly saving my pennies with the aim of a trip mid next year, right in the middle of the NYC spring – lovely. Though for now, as I slave in the law library, photos and lists will have to suffice.

Where is your current dream destination? x

PS. NYC recommendations welcome – places to go, things to see, what to eat, where to stay. I’m compiling a list to keep my wanderlust in check.


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