Autumn Girl’s Trip Recap

Girl's weekend in the Barossa Valley

This past weekend, I headed off to the beautiful Barossa Valley for four days with some of my best gal pals from uni. To say I was excited is an understatement. I’ve been working lots recently and uni has been crazy – an assessment task a week for the last few weeks! I couldn’t wait to get on that plane to Adelaide, leave my MacBook and uni behind and be relaxed and carefree for the weekend. Feeding some small part of my wanderlust was simply a bonus.

The idea was first thrown out there in December last year, so it’s been a long time coming. It needed to be though – the trip wasn’t inexpensive but oh so worth it. I squirrelled away money for months to be able to afford it and I’m so glad I did. I really needed to be with my girls for a weekend. I did leave booking my flights until possibly a little too late (I definitely could have booked earlier and saved a bit) but I was trying to overcome my guilt at spending that sort of money while I’m a student again.

The Barossa is some of Australia’s premier food and wine company. Oh boy did we indulge. I have four bottles of Barossa red stowed in my luggage at present – so worth paying the checked luggage fee! I’m not much of a wine aficionado, but after this weekend I fear I’ve been too spoilt and will be a lot more fussy with wines from now.


Girl's weekend in the Barossa Valley

As amazing as the food and wine were, it was even better to spend some quality time with the girls. We’re all so busy studying, building careers and creating lives for ourselves that it becomes hard to stay in touch all the time. Of course, we do our best and social media is amazingly helpful, but there’s no substitute for face to face time. These girls have been there through it all for me – together, we’ve weathered deaths, break ups, moving house, stressful exams, stressful job hunts as young and inexperienced grads. But we’ve also been together through some of the best times of our lives – crazy nights out while in college, graduation, many an impulse purchase, dream jobs (and not-so-dream jobs), our 21st birthdays and each other’s achievements in all areas of life. This past weekend alone we laughed until we cried and cried until we laughed. We drank wayyy too much wine and ate wayyy too little on Friday night (Angaston Brauhaus Hotel didn’t know what to think). We danced like crazed demons, screamed incorrect lyrics and linked arms to walk home at the end of the night.

Sure, we have our ups and downs and this weekend featured a couple of those. But I wouldn’t change it. That’s the magic of female friendships, or the ones that I’m fortunate enough to have. We get annoyed, we get angry, we talk about it, cry about it, laugh about it, move on. I’m so grateful to have these girls in my life. We’re making girl’s weekend an annual thing now. We won’t all be able to make it every year, but we’re happy to try. And try we will!

What are you and your friends like? Do you ever go on girl’s weekends away? x

PS. My outfit details for the first image, second from left: Sportsgirl hat, Mimco bag, Witchery fur vest (old, similar here), Country Road jeggings, Cotton On tee (old, similar here), Witchery ankle boots (old, similar here), Sportsgirl sunglasses (old, similar here). For the second image, third from left: Forever New puffer vest with fur collar, Cotton On tartan shirt (old, similar here), Country Road jeggings (old, similar here), same Witchery ankle boots, same Sportsgirl sunglasses.

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