Rise and Shine


Lately I’ve been struggling for the motivation to exercise. There seems to always be a reasonable excuse: it’s too cold (it’s not even winter yet). It’s too early (but I’ll lay in bed reading). I’ve got no time (but I’ll re-watch Jimmy Fallon clips on YouTube for an hour).

I know that I need to exercise, and I love it when I get there, but making myself actually go is the hardest thing about schlepping to the gym. Throw in a knee injury and it’s a perfect recipe for laziness and lethargy. This week though, I’m making a promise to myself to look out for my health and wellness a little more. That means cutting back on the sugary and unnecessary snacks, getting plenty of sleep, switching off the screens well before bed time and making time for exercise. This Nike ad is the perfect motivator for getting you up and moving. The gym is my preferred way to exercise, so I’ll be heading there a bit more this week – and probably watching this video before I do!

How do you motivate yourself to get moving? x

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    Good luck with getting to the gym!
    I tend to book onto a spinning class, so I have signed up and can’t not go!
    Fie xx
    Coffee & Confetti


      Sounds like great motivation! I’m doing well so far, I’ve played netball, been for a long walk and made it to gym so I’ve been active every day this week. Thanks for the well wishes! x