Commencement Speeches

A different kind of Motivational Monday post today. Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of commencement and graduation speeches. There are a huge number of them on YouTube, and the range of speakers is quite amazing. Three¬†of the best I’ve seen so far are from inspiring, funny and kind women who have excelled in their chosen creative fields…

1. Tory Burch at Babson College, 2014.

Tory Burch is fast becoming something of an idol for me. Her entrepreneurial spirit, her effortless sense of style and her sheer determination are something to work towards. And her ‘can and will do’ attitude towards hard work? The icing on the cake.

2. JK Rowling at Harvard University, 2011.

In a word? Powerful. This speech is a little older than Tory Burch’s, and very different. I’ve seen it a couple of times now. Yet I think it grows more powerful every time I watch it. It’s difficult not to cry, but you’ll also laugh and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably get goosebumps.

3. Mindy Kaling at Harvard Law School, 2014.

Funny, accessible and completely relatable, Mindy still makes me want to do better and be better. Bookmark for a rainy day or when motivational is at a slow trickle.

Do you have a favourite motivational or inspirational speech? I’d love to hear it. xx

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