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One more exam, folks. That’s all that’s standing between me and freedom. Not to be melodramatic, but exams are exhausting. Constant study, a persistent feeling that there is always more work to do, and the certain uncertainty of exactly how much course content you actually know. It’s enough to really bring a girl down. But no more. At the moment (it’s Sunday as I schedule this post), Tuesday seems too far away and the sheer amount of revising I need to do seems impossible. Today’s motivation is a reminder that I feel this way every exam period, but I always power through.

For now though, I’m holding out for days on the couch binge watching Orange is the New Black, guilt-free shopping, the engagement party of one of my oldest friends, and an upcoming trip to Melbourne. I’ll dream on, and study hard.

How do you get through exams, or busy periods at work – any words of wisdom? x

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