Wistful Wednesday

anthropology via amyforgranted
image via anthropology
peonies amyforgranted
image via pinterest
california tailor flower power on amyforgranted
image via california tailor
nineties beach for wistful wednesday on amyforgranted
image via bjonesstyle


Wednesday – hump day (urgh, don’t call it that).

I’m on holidays from uni at the moment and not working too much, but Wednesday still feels like the day that is the climb to battle up, before Thursday and Friday roll around and it’s just a downhill slide to Saturday. That said, Wednesday is a day for wondering about the weekend, for wistful wishing of dreamy days to come and for planning out every minute detail of the weekend – outfits, road trips, gal pals and endless possibilities.

So, some pictorial treats (with a decidedly beachy bent to get counteract this nightmare named winter) to get you through your Wednesday… enjoy.

What’s getting you through the week? xx

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