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new specs // girl for granted

It’s a happy, happy day – I’m getting new glasses. If you’ve ever worn glasses, you’ll understand what it’s like to get sick of them. I’ve had my current Calvin Klein frames for a little over four years, and while I still like them I’m certainly not in love with them anymore. They’re a very classic style, and I wanted something a little more fashion forward this time. I ended up with these Kate Spade frames, and I love them. It’s hard for me to find glasses frames to fit my face – I actually ended up trying on most of the frames within the ‘youth’ section, and the pair I finished up with were one of the very few that weren’t far too wide for my narrow face.

It’s obvious that choosing glasses is hard – they’re usually a significant financial investment, and most of us wear them everyday, meaning you’ll want to love them as much in a year or two as you do now. I usually go for classic shapes, and it’s important choose a pair that will frame your face and enhance your bone structure as much as possible. I’m enamoured with the idea of Warby Parker specs, but unfortunately I wear multi-focals and a lot of frames can’t accommodate my lenses. I spent some time scouring Pinterest for reference images to take to the optometrist with me – definitely recommend doing this, being as indecisive as I am, I would have been there for hours unless I’d had some idea of what I was after.

Any thoughts on picking out glasses? Or glasses in general? x

PS. The Elizabeth and James frames in the second image are still available – trust the Olsen twins to make the cutest glasses ever.

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    I have got some new glasses in the last few months- a rectangular pair and a cat eye pair-just to have some fun!


    Yah can’t find those glasses anywhere the Elizabeth and James…please send them to me before your throw them away…please…