Palm Leaf Print

palm leaf print on girl for granted

anthropologie palmae wallpaper on girl for granted


not your standard palm print shorts on girl for granted

palm print cushion from etsy on girl for granted

palm print on girl for granted

It should be pretty clear by now that I’m into all things summer. I dislike most elements of winter – I can get into cozy but that’s about it. I prefer sunshine, the beach, tanned and salty skin, sun bleached hair, summer brights, and warm nights. Considering all of this, it’s no surprise that the palm leaf print trend has sartorially stolen my heart.

In my mind, palm print evokes images of lazing around a pool, somewhere in California in the 1970s. It’s definitely a print I associate with a resort lifestyle – a bit glamorous, a little seventies and somehow, very classic. Something about the sunshine drenched days we’ve been experiencing lately has made me really excited to start buying new pieces for summer. A palm leaf print anything is sure to go on the list. Ideally, I’ll ease into it with a palm print scarf, and somehow track down the Cameo palm leaf print shorts seen above.

Palm leaf print, like that classic combo of blue and white, works equally well in interiors as in fashion. Case in point: when Hermes has made a print available as wallpaper, you know you’re onto a good thing. If the Hermes is a little out of reach (let’s be honest, a lot out of reach), you could settle for the Anthropologie version instead – equally cool and a bit more retro. But baby steps, ma cherie – test run with a cushion. Or you just get a floral arrangement featuring palms next time you treat yourself to fresh flora.

In the meantime, I’ll be living in hope of warm weather enough for this Asos Palm Print bikini – surely a long way off.

Thoughts on palm leaf print? x

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