Sunday Sessions, 14.12.2014

sunday sessions on girl for granted

First up, can I live here please? This is exactly how I would want my home to look – minimal, yet calm, welcoming and utterly liveable. Check out the rest of the Melbourne home at Vogue Living.

Now, get reading:

1. This article got me thinking about how we compliment each other, what we really mean, and how compliments can shape our opinions of ourselves. Pretty deep stuff from a beauty website. Along with a friend, I was stopped while sponteneously dancing in the sand at Dinner en Blanc on Bondi Beach last year, and told we had a captivating sense of joie de vivre and fun. That felt pretty great. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

2. The trailer for The Last Five Years came out this week. I think it goes without saying that I’m a huge Anna Kendrick fan, and this is two minutes and thirteen seconds of her glorious singing.

3. The Christmas spirit comes and goes for me, but this video, starring mini Idina Menzel and mini Michael Buble, is delivering in spades.

4. Yes, a lot of videos this week. Can you blame me? I’m procrastinating from writing a 7500 word essay. If, like me, you missed the Premiere – Ellery in Paris documentary when it screened in April, I have good news. It’s now available on iTunes. Check it out.

5. Obviously, the Victoria’s Secret models are superhuman. Or not even human. Watch Lily Aldridge train for the show.  Because Angels can’t be red and blotchy. Or puffed. Or sweaty.

6. If you need a book to work your way through over Christmas, try The Goldfinch, The Vacationers or #GIRLBOSS. Each come highly recommended by yours truly.

7. This. Is. Genius. Only the New York Times would pair up the year’s best actors and make them get their mack on.

One more working week til Christmas!



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    katie a.

    I read The Vacationers over the summer and loved it! I’ve been wanting to read #GIRLBOSS so bad. Currently reading Inherent Vice, however, and I am looking for a new book to read next so I think I’ll have to dive in! Love your blog, keep it up. xo

    katie a. –


      Thanks Katie – too kind! I’ll check out your blog when I get a spare moment. I read a lot and am planning on doing more reviews, so make sure you check back! xx