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While doing some blog maintenance the other day, I noticed that I was nearing the 100 posts mark. In my highly regarded opinion of my own blog, 100 posts is quite an achievement. To mark the occasion, I thought I’d put together a few FAQs that I’m constantly fielding from friends, family and the like. This is kind of a long post, so before I really get into it, I need to give big shout out to all of you who read regularly, and those of you who might have stumbled across girl for granted. My friends and family are also deserving of a huge thank you, especially those who encouraged me to keep going, to put my posts on social media and to get my name out there. That’s definitely a work in progress, but the support and encouragement is very, very much appreciated.

celebrating one hundred posts on girl for granted

1// Why did you start blogging?
For a few reasons, some of which are no longer relevant. I always thought I might want to work at a glossy magazine, but was never really in a situation where doing the required interning was a particularly viable option. And I did law at uni. However, after dropping out of my law degree in 2012, I decided that I was still interested in working in publishing in some form, and I knew I would need a portfolio of work. Hence, I started blogging.

Now though, I blog for the love of it. I love most of process, especially writing and image sourcing. Blogging feeds all of my interests both personal and professional (writing, visual mediums, branding, social media) and gives me a creative outlet. I’ve learned a lot from it, and now I’m super keen to work in digital media somewhere, somehow, someday.

2// What is girl for granted actually about?
If I had to categorise it – style, including fashion and interiors, reading and life. I don’t want to put too many labels on it, but the whole idea is that there is a bit of the girl for granted in all of us – we’ve got dreams to chase and goals to kick, but want to look good and challenge ourselves outside our careers as well. We also don’t take our successes for granted, nor do we believe that success comes from luck. It comes from sheer determination and hard work. The girl for granted is chasing a lifestyle that might be aspirational, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have bits of it here and now. After all, you can have it all – but not all at once.

3// How did you choose the name?
I wanted a blog name that had some part of MY name in it, and wasn’t a typical alliterated “something & something”. That idea is a bit stale. I also wanted a name that would stand out a bit, and represent my love of wordplay. I started to fiddle with my surname and snappy phrases – having a surname that is also a verb (e.g. grant you a wish – not quite right), and a noun (e.g. a writing grant – too literal) meant that I really did have something to play with. I originally landed on ‘amy for granted’, which I stuck with for a couple of years before deciding that I wanted to be more universal and create a brand as well as a blog. girl for granted had a nice ring to it and so I changed the name in mid 2014.

4// How do you decide what to write about?
My best posts are the ones that just hit me out of no where, usually when I’m trying to fall asleep or can’t sleep. Then it’s a process of asking myself whether that content is ‘on brand’ for girl for granted, and whether it is going to add value or enjoyment to the lives of my readers, if only for a moment. I have a running list of ideas on my phone and in a notebook that I carry around but the best ideas stick with me and don’t need to be written down. Usually you guys like what I like, but I’m sometimes surprised by posts that perform well.

5// What’s the plan for girl for granted in the long term?
Ah this is a tricky question. For now, I’m content focusing on making constant improvements and enjoying the process.

6// Are you on Instagram and Facebook?
Why yes, you little gem. You can find me on Instagram – @girlforgranted, and on Facebook here. I would love for you to follow along!

7// Is blogging time consuming?
Hell, yes. Worth it though. I agonise over a turn of phrase, and spend hours combing through images. I like to credit images where I possibly can, so I like to find the original source. Then there is the social media process, which I prefer to do manually as each platform requires different touches.

8// Hold on, what do you actually do for a living?
Nothing, at the moment. Ha. I’ve just finished a postgrad law degree, but I’ve worked in creative advertising before and would like to go back down that path.

9// Are there any other blogs should I follow?
So many. This post contains a long list, but the ones I still check in with regularly are:

Design Darling
Into the Gloss
Amy Stone
Corals + Cognacs
A Piece of Toast
The Stripe

Late additions to this list are The Style StudentA Pair and A Spare, and the incomparable Zo They Say .

10// What inspires you to write?
Anything and everything. Chiefly though, excellent writing makes me want to write. A great book or finely crafted magazine article will make me push myself to improve my writing skills. The only way to do that is to practice. Otherwise, I’m inspired if I notice a trend, sometimes if I come across a beautiful image that I could craft a post around, and anytime I travel I come home with a million ideas.

So, dear friends – thanks for playing along. I’ve hugely enjoyed writing, editing and putting together the last 100 posts. I can only hope you’ve enjoyed reading and will stick around for more.

Let me know in the comments if there is anything you’d like to see more of around here! x


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    katie a.

    Congratulations on 100 posts! Here is to 100 more.

    xo katie a. // http://bluepoppyblog.com


      Thanks Katie! So sweet. x