Sunday Sessions, 18.01.2015

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Alright, pals. This week has been peak procrastination. My paper is due tomorrow, it’s nearly done and that last little push to the end has never been harder. I’m finding any and every excuse not to do it, hence why some of my friends have been on the receiving end of many a link this week. To said friends, I apologise – I’m going to repeat myself somewhat here.

You also might notice some changes around here. In short, I’ve changed a few things including my hosting and I’ve moved to – a big switch, but it was time. This has meant that my old theme wasn’t doing the job anymore. I do love the revamp though – I think it’s much more user friendly and more traditionally ‘blog.’ I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Back to the task at hand though. Freedom beckons, and she sure smells sweet (kind of like red wine, long walks and so much reading and TV watching – delicious). Until then, here’s the links I loved this week, for your Sunday session perusal.

1// Rosie featured these noodle lunch pots on her blog this week. I’m always looking for new and fresh ways to transport lunch to uni or work, and these could potentially be a winner. Healthy, tasty and convenient – what’s not to love?

2// Agony Uncles. I’m hooked on this show. It originally aired in 2012 (I think?) and its basic premise to have well known Australian men explain their thoughts on women, dating, sex, and relationships. ABC has recently made it available again on it’s online catch up service, iView, and it’s a treasure. Seriously wonderful. Funny, heartfelt, genuine – these men are honest to a fault and I could not love the show more. Be quick though, it’s only available until Feb 11. My sincerest apologies to non-Australian readers who can’t access it through iView, but I’m sure you have your ways.

3// Jess Mauboy explains how she made the first move – and makes me love her even more.

4// This New York Times article did the rounds a lot this week, so many of you have probably seen it. I read it on Monday, then a friend sent it to a few of us a couple of days later. It’s certainly an intriguing theory. The writer posits that anyone can fall in love with a complete stranger, you just have to hear them out. More precisely, you need to ask each other these 36 questions, and listen to each other’s answers. No arguing, no cutting each other off, and total honesty. Some of the questions are deeply personal, while others give a useful insight into your potential partner’s personality. It worked for the author of the column, so I guess there’s hope for us all. I also loved Hallie’s and Jess’ versions!

5// And now, in a non-relationships or dating related item, Jennifer Lawrence has interviewed Eddie Redmayne for Interview. The result is kind of magical and very endearing to both of them. I came away from reading it feeling like they were just normal people. I legit had to remind myself that they are not. And then I remembered that she tripped up the stairs at the Oscars, and all was well.

What floated your boat this week? x


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