Attempting Minimalism

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I’m moving into a very small room in Sydney this coming weekend (finally!) and I’m hell bent on a) keeping it clear of clutter; b) taking with me only the bare essentials. Unfortunately, my belongings seem to have a mind of their own and a case of separation anxiety – minimalism is not for the weak of heart. My ‘bare essentials’ probably aren’t so few as to actually be deserving of that title, but I’m working on it, starting with a closet clean out.

After reading The Happiness Project, I’d been thinking for weeks about cleaning out my closet. Last week, I finally did and donated a large number of items to charity and tossed others. It was surprisingly cathartic, especially once I got over the guilt of parting with things I’d paid good money for and realised that if I am no longer getting use out of an item, it is better off in the hands of someone who will really appreciate it. I tried to follow the Mari Kondo method, which is basically that if an item no longer brings you joy, you turf it or donate it. No ‘but I might wear that’, or ‘it would come in handy for a costume party’ allowed. If it doesn’t make you happy, get rid of it. So, it was see you later (or never again) to ill-fitting clothes, ‘bargains’ that I’ve never worn, clothing that doesn’t flatter, and any items that make me feel larger than I am. Result? I’m left with a closet full of clothes that I actually wear and are much more in line with my taste and style than the mess I used to try to control. Win.

I’ve probably still got too much stuff (where does it all come from?), but baby steps, right? With my closet under control, my next project will be organising my new tiny space in Sydney – my housemate called it the ‘miniature room’, so this could be quite the challenge. Any tips for styling and organising a small bedroom are very welcome!

*Image: Avenue Lifestyle

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    I had to do that when I moved to NYC – I got rid of over 5 garbage bags of clothing, and sold the good things on poshmark! Ikea has some amazing tall/narrow dressers that take up literally no space- I’d highly recommend!


    So glad I found your blog, Amy! I love how clean everything is and you have some great content on here :]

    Minimalism is something I am working towards as well. I have too much of an emotional attachment to my stuff or fear if I throw something out, I might need it later. But my apartment is really small, so there really isn’t space for that thought process! I love the idea of tossing it if it doesn’t make you happy.

    xo katie // a touch of teal