Happy Easter

happy easter // girl for granted

To me, Easter is a time for family, relaxation and copious amounts of chocolate. Growing up a Catholic (albeit not really a practising one, let’s use the term ‘Catholic’ loosely), I’m of course aware of the religious elements of Easter. But more than anything, I feel like Easter is a time to be grateful, and to reflect on your year so far and try to manifest the things you want out of the year to come. (Manifestation – never thought I’d be one to advocate for that particular practice considering I’m all about working to get what you want, but times change). Easter always seems more spiritual to me than Christmas does, and is therefore a particularly nice touchpoint from which to reflect and grow. I’ve got a lot to be grateful for this year – an amazingly supportive family, incredible friends, a fulfilling new job and a house with two awesome gal pals. Can’t ask for much than that.

So on this drizzly, but not altogether gloomy Easter Sunday, I hope you’re surrounded by the ones you love, or at least some of those you hold dear. I hope this short rambling finds you safe, loved and loving. And I hope you get treated, by yourself or someone else, to as much chocolate as your heart and gut can handle.

Happy Easter, friends. Tell me how you’re spending it? x



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