Baking Inspiration

Among other things, I love to bake. I’m not amazing at it, but I find cooking really therapeutic and eating baked goods doesn’t get much better than when you’ve made them yourself. Yeah, they probably don’t look perfect, but they’re filled with charm and flavour, and a sense of satisfaction that only comes from knowing that you made it yourself.

That in mind, this weekend I’m planning a whole lot of nothing, and a whole lot of baking and eating. After spending some late night, drowsy hours browsing recipes for baked goods on Pinterest┬álast night, I┬áliterally fell asleep dreaming of cake, cookies, slice – anything fresh from the oven involving sugar, and potentially involving cream. Now that you’re drooling, here’s a peek at the recipes that I’m contemplating for this weekend.

1// Twisted Hazelnut Loaf

weekend baking // girl for granted

2// Raspberry Scones

weekend baking // girl for granted

3// Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

weekend baking // girl for granted

4// Honey Lemon Brown Sugar Chiffon Cake

weekend baking // girl for granted

5// Salted Caramel Lamingtons

weekend baking // girl for granted

If your mouth isn’t watering at these, then there is clearly something wrong with you. If you’re gluten sensitive or can’t eat it, then I apologise being a shameless tease. And if you’re wondering when the best time to eat cake is, the answer is anytime.

Help me decide what to bake this weekend! Which one looks the best? x

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    Now I’m inspired, too! The only things I ever bake are muffins and a berry crisp – maybe it’s time to branch out finally!

      Amy Grant

      I think so! I’d love to know if you end up baking something. x