Short Hair, Don’t Care

I recently had a major hair change. Aside from an ill-advised dabble with a blunt, heavy fringe in my early twenties (side note – can’t believe I’m old enough to reference my ‘early twenties’!) I’ve generally always had longish, dark brown hair. I’d been feeling a change for while though, so off to the hairdresser’s I went. The colour has stayed the same, but the length? Gone. There was so much hair on the floor! A week on and I’m getting used to styling my new lob.

I miss my long hair though, and I’m still unsure about my new style. I think I was hiding behind a curtain of long hair before. For full transparency, I’m already trying to grow out my new lob. I’m blessed with hair that grows incredibly fast – probably something to do with a combination of a) it’s never been dyed; b) I wash it as little as possible (much to my mother’s disgust);  c) I try to keep heat styling to a minimum and d) genetics. Sorry. For this reason and the fact that I rarely get my hair cut, I asked for a style that would grow out nicely. Until I’ve got luscious long locks again, I’m searching for inspo on how to style it. I’ll be taking my cues from these lovely ladies.

short hair, don't care - how to style a lob // girl for granted

short hair, don't care - lob inspiration // girl for granted

short hair, don't care - how to style a bob // girl for granted

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