Sunday Sessions for a Long Weekend, 07.06.15

black glass office desk with copper pendant light // girl for granted

This is a long weekend in Australia (well, at least in NSW), and it couldn’t have come sooner for me. I took a couple of days off work to turn it into a really long weekend and have headed home to my parent’s for some down time. Friday night was spent watching girls in white dresses make their debut (now a very ‘country’ tradition), while drinking wine and laughing with some of my oldest friends and my family. Saturday and Sunday are low key country days – the Saturday papers, soy chai lattes and tea, gumboots and paddling in the river. It’s my very favourite kind of long weekend. To kick off your Sunday, here’s some links I loved this week.

1// If like me, your desktop wallpaper has been the default Apple option, it’s probably time to mix it up a bit. I love looking at all the gorgeous options at Design Love Fest.

2// You probably know Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg recently lost her husband to a freak accident. If you haven’t already read her note on grief, please take a moment to do so now. I held back tears while reading this. Sheryl has captured a real human emotion with grace and warmth, and hasn’t for a minute shied away from her grief.  A lesson for us all.

3// On an altogether lighter note, Mackenzie shared her must haves to keep in mind when house hunting. Having lived in a different house every year for the last eight years, I can testify that she’s right with each and everyone of one these criterion.

4// If you’re looking for a formal dress for winter, this long sleeved burgundy Rodeo Show number is just as stunning in person.

5// Happening around these parts this week: fix your winter skin, and trying not to spend all my savings.


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