Sunday Sessions 26.07.15

This has been a big month for me, and a long time coming. Last week, I finally graduated from law school. If I’m honest, I had serious doubts as to whether that would ever actually happen. My path to graduating wasn’t a linear one, nor was it easy – I actually dropped out of law school for a while, and had to reapply and be accepted to a different program to finish what I started and finally get my degree.

It’s no secret that law school is exceedingly difficult. It’s a high pressure, high stakes environment. Every single law student is one of the smartest, most well-rounded and highest achieving in their previous high school school class or undergraduate cohort. The expectations in terms of learning content and performance are huge. It’s no small feat to learn a whole area of law in twelve weeks. Everyone is expected to perform to the highest level, but in reality, only a select few can. There’s constant pressure to speak up in class, be on top of your 48 hours a week of reading, and be prepared for class, all while maintaining a healthy social life, and probably working part time, and keeping sight of your sense of self.*

For these reasons and many more, I’m incredibly proud of myself for graduating with my juris doctor, and I won’t shy away from claiming it. It’s taken a lot of hard work, many, many tears, a few sleepless nights and immeasurable love and support from my family and wonderful friends to get me here. I have no immediate plans to practice law, but I won’t rule it out. So to my incredible family and those wonderful friends, I have no words other than thank you. Your love and support is everything.

With that whirlwind day of emotion done and a lot of time spent in transit in the last week, I’m not planning much for this weekend. I saw Trainwreck with a friend last night – not as funny as I expected, but it does have a lot more soul than I anticipated, so that’s something. Tonight I’ve got a girl’s dinner – bring on all the tacos and fajitas! Otherwise, it’s a quiet weekend with a good book (I picked up We Are Not Ourselves and The Incorrigible Optimists Club through the week) and plenty of exercise – my morning run is already done and dusted.

Now, onto some reading.

1// An insightful and interesting look into the romantic comedy. Not going to lie, I love me a good rom com but have recently been disappointed in the lack of smart and fun films that fall into the category. So to see that the genre will (fingers crossed) experience a resurgence with relatable and realistic protagonists at the fore makes me excited for movie going days ahead.

2// I wore this dress to my graduation from law school on last week and I’m in love with it. It’s fitted without being tight, and the double layer top with sleeves means it’s perfect for wintery formal occasions. I’ve got a couple of other events coming up that I’ll wear it for, and who doesn’t love a little black dress?

3// Speaking of dresses, I’ve seen this blue and white Topshop number with the keyhole cut out a couple of times and I wish it were summer so I could justify ordering it. Simple, elegant and classic.

4// Some sage advice on being your own boss. Now, I’m not yet a #girlboss, but there are take outs in this article for everyone.

5// A short reminder that procrastination is sometimes a necessary reminder to engage in some self-care.

Around these parts lately:

Cooking for One // The Edit: Prints, Vol. 1

*Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about studying law, or just want to know a bit more about my unusual path –, or comment below.

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    kelsey bang

    congrats on graduating law school! so fun!