Do What Matters

do what matters

A short one today, friends.

It seems like forever ago since I’ve blogged properly, probably because it was. Things haven’t been conducive to blogging much of late. Work has been manic, life has been busy and time slips away. In the last six weeks or so, I’ve looked after a beautiful home in Balmain for a few weeks, including caring for three needy cats, graduated from law school, celebrated a beloved cousin getting married, cut shapes on the dance floor, met the newest addition to my much loved, rowdy and extensive extended family, moved house (yes, again – more on that to come), and in between, spent much needed alone time and time with friends and family. I’m tired and astounded just thinking about it.

Hence, this space has been on the back burner. Writing and editing and curating and photographing and generally being creative hasn’t felt right recently, but I’m feeling like I’m on the up again. Sometimes taking a break is the best idea. In this case, I’ve taken a bit of winter solace and disconnected from 24/7 connection. The take out? Creativity comes in ebbs and flows, and it’s slowly starting to trickle in.

Thankfully, I’ve now got more content ideas than I have time to execute. All this bodes well for gfg. Taking a break to reset my creative mind, and the subsequent flow of ideas really boils down to one thing doing what matter, and what feels right. So that’s two things really, but they’re often one and the same.

So with these ramblings, I leave you to your Monday morning.

Make it a good one. x

Image: Cocorrina

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    AMEN! Also, I love that print, so pretty.

    Xo, Megan,