Five Dreamy Scented Candles

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So, I recently moved house again (see my top tips for moving here!). Once the move was done and dusted, I ummed and ahhed over whether to buy myself a house warming gift. It felt kind of silly and indulgent, but I wanted to mark the move and the house as one I might stick with for a while (ie, longer than one year). My favourite scented candle had somewhat serendipitously seen its final days in the lead up to the move, so it seemed like a no brainer. A taste for the finer things in life meant that I really wanted a Diptyque candle – let’s be honest, mostly because of the jar. $80 for a candle though? Nope. Gal’s got a financial diet, and moving is expensive!

The idea niggled in the back of my mind for a while, until eventually I struck a compromise – the Country Road spend and save. I needed new black jeans to wear to work (ended up with my fourth pair of these ones!) and sneaking in a candle and couple of mugs meant I could take full advantage – essentially, one mug and the candle ended up being free. I landed on the Taya Fig Candle. The scent is gorgeous without being overpowering – it will set the tone nicely for summer. I was surprised I landed on a floral type fragrance though, as I usually go for clean or herbal smells – anything with ‘fresh’ in the name, or notes of basil, mint, lemon or orange. There’s a first time for everything!

Unfortunately, the spend and save is now over (but there’s one every season for CR cardholders, so get on it!). However, if you’re in the market to treat yourself, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite candles for every budget. Light it up, friends!

Now that I’ve gotten on the scented candles bandwagon and am building a little collection, I’d love to know your faves! Leave a comment below or tweet me @amye_grant. x

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    Mmmm will check them out! Ps I think you should come to melbs for a weekend soon and blog about the worlds most livable City ☺️