hand lettered love

If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram in the last forever, you’ll have gotten the sense that typography and hand written lettering is ubiquitous at the moment. Some of the quotations are super corny, but every now and then I’ll stumble upon a favourite song lyric in beautiful handwriting, or a more obscure lyric or phrase that when isolated, really makes me stop and think.

For this gorgeous Monday morning, I’ve pulled out some of my favourites. These ladies are incredibly talented, and deserve all the credit in the world : @penheartspaper and @jasminedowling. There are many, many more incredible creators out there but I’m consistently blown away by the talent of these two. Also I have to go to work now, so I didn’t have time to trawl through all the amazing lettering on Instagram. Girl’s gotta collect a paycheque.

Do you have a favourite illustrator or typographer? I want more, more, more! x

*Images: @penheartspaper/@jasminedowling/@penheartspaper

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    I love pretty typography and those are so pretty!


    These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.