Sunday Sessions 06.09.15

daniel johns archibald prize 2015 // girl for granted

I’m a little late getting this up, but better late than never. This weekend has been one of the good ones – my mum and my little brother have been in Sydney to check out universities for him and to spend quality time with me. Yesterday was filled with walking at the University of NSW and then in the city, culminating in book shopping (I picked up Everybody Rise) and topped off with delicious Messina.

This morning we went to the Art Gallery of NSW to check out the Archibald Prize contenders. I’ve never been to the Archibald before, but I think I’ll be making it an annual tradition now. For me, the mark of a piece of art is whether or not it makes me feel something, anything. I generally prefer contemporary art, and my god I was blown away by these pieces. Portraiture is something else entirely. My favourite? Julian Meagher’s oil on linen portrait of rock god Daniel Johns, pictured (mostly) above. I now CANNOT get Straight Lines out of my head. If you live in Sydney or will be visiting before the 27th of September, go to the Archibald. It’s well worth it.

On to some Sunday reading…

1// Check out the rest of the Archibald finalists here.

2// If your favourite TV characters had Instagram. Olivia Pope’s is the best.

3// Trouble sleeping? Here’s 32 tips to help you doze off peacefully.

4// A new to me blog that I’m loving – A Dash of Details.

5// Fun new additions to my wardrobe: a basic LDB, and a not so basic LBD with fringe!

On girl for granted lately:

Share House Tips // Five of the Best: Scented Candles // Do What Matters

Happy Sunday, friends. x

UPDATE: My parents just got a puppy not ten minutes after I hit publish. Literally just then. I’m so excited and equally sad that I’m not there for when they bring her home for the first time. Time to book some flights I think.

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    ❤️ This Amy! Definitely going to check all of your recommendations out. Yay for the puppy! Let’s see some pictures 🐶 xx