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Spring has definitely hit in Sydney. The jacarandas are blossoming, the scent of jasmine fills the air at night, and the days are seemingly longer than even before. I’m even ok with the spring storms. However, the change of seasons means that all I want to do it go shopping. Oh boy do I want new stuff. Do you ever get the feeling that everything you own is just wrong? Perhaps it’s just the change in seasons, or maybe it’s a getting older thing, but all of my clothes feel wrong – outdated, ill fitting, not in line with my tastes anymore. I want to replace everything but as I’m getting older I’m really starting to appreciate quality. I’m happy to pay for quality too, but I definitely have champagne taste on a beer budget. I’m not necessarily talking designer, but rather really well cut pieces in quality fabrics. Hot tips, please.

Some reading for your perusal…

1// A new to me blog (but apparently its rather large? I don’t know) – Isaac Likes.

2// Made this this Greek Chicken Stew a couple of weeks ago – so delish.

3// A couple of weekends ago I saw The Intern. If like me, you loved it, check out Nancy Meyer’s Pinterest board for the film. Repinning everything now.

4// I recently finished reading Crazy Rich Asians and loved it. I’d seen it in so many bookstores and  knew that it was a best seller, but didn’t pick it up a few weeks ago. I was unexpectedly sucked in and even read the sequel.

5// Live alone, want to live alone, or spend lots of time alone? Read this, relate, and lol.

6// I’ve been thinking about the Cecilie Copenhagen O Neck Shirt for months now, and I think I’m finally ready to take the plunge. But now, which colour?

7// More than a little obsessed with the new Adele tune. Surely I’m not the only person who was partly hoping she would sing ‘Is it me you’re looking for?’ after the first ‘Hello’??

8// With birthday parties rolling on, Spring Racing in full swing and Christmas parties right around the corner, it seemed only sensible to invest in a new party dress. This C/meo Collective red number (on sale!) should see me right through.

9// The Draper James store has firmly cemented Nashville’s position on my wanderlust list. That blue and white colour palette, Southern homestead style, and the fact that the brand is owned and run by Reese Witherspoon doesn’t hurt.

10// I’ve made a big effort to start working out more regularly. I’ve always been pretty consistent with exercise but now I’m making it a habit. Problem is, I’m running out of decent pump up playlists. Any suggestions?

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. x

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    kate // always craving

    ok, wasn’t sure what to expect for the Nancy Meyers pinterest board (have not seen the movie) but oh my g! the jules’s house board! that’s perfectly how i would want my adult house some day.