What I’m Reading Vol. 1

What I'm Reading - Girl for Granted

Blog: From Roses // Book: The Girls, Emma Cline // Magazine: Collective Hub

My old reading habits have somewhat fallen away this year – a move, new job and a general lifestyle overhaul will do that to you. Recently I’ve been looking for that mental retreat and I’ve been making the effort to pick up more books and spend some time digging into the things that really interest me. I thought highlighting what I’ve been reading might be a nice ease into a new week.

Blog: From Roses

This super cute little blog came highly recommended by a friend. I’ve spent so much of this weekend digging into Rebecca’s archives and enjoying her take on beauty, blogging and life. She has a really balanced perspective on blogging and her imagery is so soft and gorgeous. Bookmark this one for an afternoon with a cup of tea!

Book: The Girls, Emma Cline

The Girls has had so much buzz around it, and I’m not sure if the hype has built it up too much. I’m really enjoying it and of course it is a beautifully written novel, but it’s maybe not as captivating as I hoped it would be. If you’re going to pick it up (and even though I’m so-so on it, the prose is so beautiful I would still recommend it), I also suggest skimming the Wikipedia entry on Charles Manson. I’ll leave you with that tease.

Magazine: Collective Hub

I’ve been reading Collective Hub magazine for a couple of years now. Everything about this magazine is motivating – from the articles themselves to the art direction and the story of how the mag came to be. While my magazine buying habit has been given up (a natural progression to digital media, I think), the Collective is the one magazine I buy religiously. Before the move to my current apartment, I regrettably threw out two year’s worth of the magazine – idiot. Buy it, read it, hold onto it forever.

Enjoy your week! x

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