Weekend Reading 081016

What a crazy, crazy week. Work was intense, in part due to the short week leftover from having a public holiday on Monday. I feel like I blinked and it’s suddenly Friday and I’m thinking about weekend plans and what blog posts could go up, and which need working on and god, I haven’t been to the gym all week. You can probably guess what’s on the agenda for this weekend – blog work, the gym/exercise of some kind, plus a 30th birthday party on Saturday night. Hopefully there will be some downtime, and I hope you get some too. Here’s some reading for when you do:

1// I found this post from Blair really motivating Рadvice for starting your own business.

2// LOVED Grace’s colourful and fluffy heels.

3// Anyone else counting down the days until the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls? They released some behind the scenes interviews with the cast!

4// I want this dress! I’m a sucker for blue and white, the price point is pretty sweet (on sale!!) and it would be perfect for summer.

5// 15 healthy snack ideas.

6// How to start building your personal brand.

7// Made of mushrooms, these are the perfect meatballs for a meat free meal.

8//An artist to watch

9// I keep coming back to this matching skirt and top set – again with the blue and white. Thoughts?

10// From around these parts, a couple of beauty posts – two relaxing skincare products, and haircare for bombshell volume.

11// A bonus link for all those tea lovers – a seriously beautiful image series of how tea rituals look around the world.

Enjoy your weekend! x

*Image: Conde Nast Traveller, Photo by Anna Williams / Prop styling by Amy Wilson

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    Grace Atwood

    Thank you so much for linking to my post – hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

      Amy Grant

      You’re most welcome – I loved reading your post! x