Simple Pleasures for March

Simple Pleasures

One of my favourite parts of blogging is sharing the simple pleasures that I’ve stumbled across – from some new food obsessions and a fun way to make new friends, to cute clothes and dangerously good websites, here’s a snippet of what I’m loving this month.

1. Book Club

Nerd that I am, my idea of fun is sitting around talking to 15 other people about a book you’ve all just read. My love of books and propensity to push books on my friends has culminated in joining a book club at my favourite independent bookstore – Oscar & Friends Booksellers. So far we’ve read Swing Time and Hillbilly Elegy, and next up is The Animators.

I live approximately two minutes walk from the Oscar & Friends Double Bay store, and until last week worked approximately 10 minutes walk from the Surry Hills store, which has been dangerous for my bank balance but also made for some wonderfully relaxing lunchtime and Sunday morning strolls. Book Club is held on the first Monday of each month, there is wine and sometimes chocolate, robust book chat, and the best bunch of strangers I’ve met yet.

2. Slow Cooking

So what if it’s only the second¬†week of Autumn? I’ve busted out the slow cooker like nobody’s business. I received mine for Christmas, and it’s possibly my current favourite appliance. So far I’ve made a great chilli, a beef ragu, and I currently have the most divine smelling meatballs in tomato sauce simmering. It’s a windy, rainy, coolish Autumn day and I can’t wait to dive into some comfort food tonight.

3. Films

One of my favourite simple pleasures is going to the cinema. I worked at a cinema for a couple of years while at university, and even so, the experience just hasn’t gotten old. And oh my goodness, there are SO many great films out at the moment. Oscars season is on it’s way out though, so I’m cramming in as many as possible. I LOVED La La Land, I left Moonlight really unsure of what I thought and possibly influenced by the Oscars debacle (how bout that?!) but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, which is always a sign of a great film. Hidden Figures was also most excellent. Next on the list are Lion and Manchester by the Sea, the latter of which I’ve heard is emotionally devastating but I still really want to see it.

4. A cute skirt

I had a day time engagement party recently, and found myself in a flap over what to wear – a state I fear is becoming my norm. But seriously, what does one wear to a midday engagement party held in a cafe? Anybody? I landed on this skirt with it’s pale pink leopard inspired print, teamed with a pink cami, belted with my new favourite belt (grey calf hair? Yes, please), and my trusty nude heels. Comfortable, seasonal, and appropriate.

5. Hubert

The best meal I’ve ever eaten in my life and that’s not even a hyperbole. If you’re in Sydney, go to Hubert at 5pm* on a Saturday afternoon, perch yourself at the bar or huddle in a booth with a glass of red in hand, and destroy the chicken fricassee.

*No, but actually go at 5pm. They don’t take reservations for parties of less than six. We arrived at 5.10 pm and not ten minutes later, the place was full. You’ve been warned.

6. Girls At Library

Alright, I have to mention my new favourite website, Girls At Library. A bunch of awesome chicks interviewing other awesome chicks about their reading lives? No brainer.

7. Stalking interiors

This is a massive guilty pleasure thing. I LOVE stalking interiors on Pinterest. I used to be big on stalking outfits on Pinterest, but lately I prefer to spend my time thinking about all the ways to make the place I spend majority of my time really dreamy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m a huge fan of spending time relaxing at home. My ideal Saturday night is a home cooked meal, a herbal tea and reading on the couch. So it makes sense that with a move on the horizon (more details here!), I’m thinking about the best ways to make my new place feel as homey as I can.

Image credit: @createaholic via instagram.

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    I have a “book club” with my father in law lol – we basically just text back and forth about the books we read haha, wish I had some ladies in my town to do this with! And… stalking interiors, I always do that too!!