A Creative Entrepreneur’s Reading List

A reading list for creative entrepreneurs on amyelizabethgrant.comWhile I’m not yet a creative entrepreneur, let it be said that I have the utmost respect for women who go out there and do their own things. Female entrepreneurs sometimes say that working for themselves was serendipitous or eventuated out necessity. More often, you’ll hear of the years of grit and toil that go into getting a business off the ground, driven by a thirst to build something, stand for something or

I’ve always thought that one day working for myself in some form or another – whether that’s blogging, consulting, running my own agency, managing my own publication, writing, freelancing – however it takes shape, I’d love to do it. With this niggling in the back of my mind, I can never pass over articles about creative entrepreneurship, stories of women who’ve pursued their passions and what it took for them to be able to turn their side project into their full time gig.

I’ve got a funny feeling that a few readers here feel the same way about one day working for yourself, so I thought I’d pull together a collection of reads on creative entrepreneurship. I’ve been reading lately about what it’s like to work for yourself, when you know you’re ready and how to transition from a 9-5 corporate role to working from home or wherever it is you work from in your new normal.


Knowing when to go solo.

On getting comfortable with the knowledge you’ll likely have to reinvent yourself and your business, many times over. 

The things everyone should know before becoming an entrepreneur. 

A different take on leaving a corporate job to follow a passion.

Jasmine Dowling on validating your creative pursuits, and stopping the comparison game

Meg Biram’s entire GSD series, for understand how to just get. shit. done. 

Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur, killing it in the corporate world or somewhere in between: mull these posts over, and enjoy your week!

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