The Heat Is On

7 ways to deal in summer…

7 Ways to Deal in Summer

Lordy it has been so hot and humid in Sydney that I think I’ll melt away any moment now.

If you’re reading from a northern hemisphere locale, I envy you and imagine you envy me. But it it so just g-damn uncomfortable in Sydney right now. The heat by itself would be fine, but the humidity is oppressive. The air feels heavy. Having grown up in ridiculously hot temperatures, you would think I would be used to it. And I am, I love it when it’s really hot and don’t usually feel the heat in the same way I do the cold – I hate to be cold. But humidity? That’s another ball game entirely and one I haven’t quite worked out yet.

Just between you and me, I’m a sweaty person. It’s gross but there’s nought I can do about it so I have to cop to it. You can only imagine what it’s like by the time I’ve completed the twenty minute walk to the train station on my way to work each morning. I often have to wear a tee shirt or tank top to work then change into my actual shirt for the day once I’ve cooled off in the office. It’s pretty gross.

There’s no relief at home either – we don’t have air conditioning and our 1960s brick building retains heat like no other. It baffles me that homes in Australia often aren’t built to cope with the kind of weather we endure. At the moment I’m cooped up in our home office, with a portable air conditioning unit. I shudder to think of the electricity bill and what it’s doing to the planet.

So while there’s not much you can do to make it cooler, but there’s a few things you can do to make yourself more comfortable in this weather:

+ I’ve got these sheet masks (so affordable! So good!) cooling in the cheese section of the fridge and can’t wait to whack one on when I get home from today’s bbq with friends. I also really want to try the flower infusions range from Origins. And the ultimate indulgence here would be the renowned SK-II masks.

+ Procure some perfectly soft hand towels that would be ideal for also keeping in the fridge, moistened with some eucalyptus oil for an at home spa sensation. You could also try lavender to lull you off to sleep. As a chronic sufferer of sinusitis, I actually use a breathe easy essential oil blend in the hope that I might one day be able to breathe deeply through my nose. The one I use is blend of corn mint, eucalyptus and thyme. Although, I haven’t found any essential oils with truly beautiful packaging that would be worthy of display, so I’d be all ears if you know of any.

+Iced tea, all the iced tea. This one, aptly named ‘Gone Surfin’, is a fave – so chill and conjures images of a perfect turquoise ocean, gently warm sun streaming through floor to ceiling windows, and perfectly tanned skin.

+ Sunscreen. I swear by Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF50+ or La Roche Posay Anthelios 50+ but also hear nothing but praise for the Supergoop line. Gotta keep that factor 50 going when you live in a place where the ozone layer is thinning. However, debate in the beauty community rages over whether we should be using chemical or physical sunscreen. I personally use a chemical sunscreen because they just happen to be products that I like and because I don’t suffer any pigment issues, but for a good breakdown of who’s who in the sunscreen zoo, read here.

+ These make at home ice blocks from my fave, Donna Hay. I don’t have molds but I love all the ideas in this article for making popsicles without molds. A poppet at the gym the other day mentioned she blends watermelon and strawberries with mint and ice to make a home made frappe, but how amazing would that combo in a popsicle?!

+ A lush face mist to keep you hydrated and make you feel glam, as well as combat the intense drying effects of air conditioning if you’re lucky enough to have it. My holy grail here is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, which I’ve made several friends and colleagues addicted to over the last couple of summers. It’s available at Mecca in Aus or Nordstrom in the US.

+ A cute new swimsuit for beach days or pool afternoons. It isn’t called retail therapy for nothing. Although when it comes to swimsuit shopping, online is the way to go – no one wants to deal with the lighting that comes with fitting rooms while also coming to terms with the fact that you’ll likely pay an obscene amount of money for one or two tiny scraps of fabric. I purchased this gingham cute fruit before Christmas and adore it (and it’s now marked down!), but I’m also lusting after the whole Solid & Striped range, especially the classic striped one pieces and this lemon print one piece. J’adore.



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